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Conclusion: CannaBusiness® 2003
The 8th International CannaBusiness® was a big success. With about 1.300 trade visitors, last year`s high figures were even topped - the International CannaBusiness® remains the world`s most important hemp trade forum! And it has once again caught pretty much media interest, there were lots of positive print, broadcast and tv reports. No wonder that meanwhile also big German fairs like Essen and Dortmund knock at Tri Tec`s door and offer themselves as new location for the CannaBusiness®... (see forecast)

Almost all of the 142 exhibitors from 17 different nations (internationality record!) and trade visitors from more than 30 nations were highly satisfied with the course of the fair. They were especially impressed by the large number of international trade contacts.

Unbroken dynamics: There were almost 60 first time-exhibitors who reported about good and partly excellent tradings, so that some of them are planning to extent their exhibition area next year.


The new CannaBusiness® Magazin

Fair Edition 2003

Spring Edition 2004

New: From next year on, we will offer a spring and a fair edition in separate German and English editions. At the CannaBusiness® 2003, the new magazine had a felicitous premiere as trade medium of the international hemp branch, gaining an excellent response by both exhibitors and trade visitors. The issues of 2004 will feature interesting hemp business articles from countries around the globe.

- Spring Edition 2004: release February 2004 / advertisement deadline January 20th 2004
Fair Edition 2004: release August 2004 / advertisement deadline August 6th 2004

If you are interested in placing an advertisement, please contact Conny Schoenfeld at anzeigen@cannabusiness.com, or download the advertisement form 2004 here.


Forecast: Big plans for the 10th Internationale CannaBusiness® 2005!

Meanwhile also big German fairs like Essen and Dortmund make advances to the International CannaBusiness® which is proof of the excellent reputation that our fair has got also outside the hemp scene. Herewith, Tri Tec`s perspectives have been further expanded. Already upfront the 8th CannaBusiness®, we had considered moving to Berlin in 2005 for the big 10th CannaBusiness® aniversary. In Berlin, we have already found some extraordinary locations, but the race is still open.

!Because we want to take into account also your opinion: Which venue do you favour for the 10th International CannaBusiness® 2005?! Please send a mail to orga@cannabusiness.com !!!
But whether Berlin as new venue, Essen, Dortmund or another candidate: The 10th aniversary of "the mother of all hemp fairs" will for sure become a highlight that nobody will forget...