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Sponsors of the CannaBusiness® 2004


SÄCK & NOLDE DISTRIBUTION www.bluntwrap.de

BLUNT WRAP USA™ makes it possible to create your own smoking experience with a hand rolled cigar. This paper is offered in many different flavors such as honey, vanilla, chocolate, berries, apple martini, gin & juice and many many more.

The single packed wrap makes it real easy to transform it into your favoured smoking tool. Just fill – roll – lick it up and it will stick together, after that you have a perfect blunt.


Boothno.: 019

Bullet Europe Holding was founded in 1991 by the owner U. J. Singh. Because of creative business ideas, together with lots of entrepreneur`s spirit, Bullet Europe managed to become the leading wholesaler of pipes and other paraphernalia. What makes the difference between Bullet Holding and other wholesalers, is the extra advantage that it is both producer and trader. Bullet Europe runs three different factories in India. The first one developes and produces the well-known Bullet pipes, for example the lines „Mega Glass“ and „High Society“, made from high-quality „Schott“ glass, and paraphernalia of any kind. The second one manufactures the model lines „Bullet Fashion / Nag Champa“ as well as the „Dark Gothic“ line which exlusively produces for the gothic market. The third and last factory is concerned with the production of gifts. Against the background that India belongs to a free trade area and an agreement upon tax abatements with the Indian government is in existence, Bullet Holding is in a position to offer especially cheap, but high-quality products and to cover a wide range of different customer demands and perceptions.


Boothno.: 006

Catweazel Aachen e.K. - One of the oldest and most renowned market leaders of the large & retail trade within the range weed growing supplies presents itself naturally also this year again on the Cannabusiness.

Over 15 years experience by practice proximity, intensive customer contact and a large portion of research and development for innovative, on the market co-ordinated products with considerable manufacturers make the enterprise Catweazel more than a usual large and retail trade.

By the modern and customer-oriented management as well as by the
business- and manufacturer relations of many years, the enterprise Catweazel is today grown up to the most interesting partner for large and retailers in completely Europe. Constantly growing sales, the growing number of customers and the expansion on the world-market occupy this.

In 2004, Catweazel Aachen was selected to the world-best Growshop with addresses like growinfo.de or cannagrow.de a several times. With a pallet of over 1600 articles just in the WWW, the very good support and the low prices - it's no miracle!

On the way to the world-wide market leader in weed-growing supplies with
the emphasis assimilation lighting, air condition technology and growroom-control - systems, the enterprise presents on the Cannabusiness in Cologne among other things a new generation of lamp ballasts, the "power boosters", which were developed together with TRM lighting. In addition, further innovations and well-known products as for example the "Growroomcontrol" - the only real "Growcomputer", the Ruck fans and the advanced ultrasonic evaporators arouse apart from extremely low prices the interest of the visitors.


Boothno.: 058

Boothno.: 036

Hempro International is active in the field of wholesale and distribution of hemp textiles, foodstuffs and cosmetics. Through the consistent application of a strategy centred around product quality, Hempro has succeeded in becoming one of the biggest players in the European cannabis business.
Hempro offers both retailers and end consumers, via the high performance Internet site www.hanfhaus.de , a wide selection of the best available hemp products in the world at competitive prices.
In its role as partner to hemp product manufacturers, Hempro International excels with a portfolio of excellent retailers for all types of hemp products. Managing director Daniel Kruse can look back on more than ten years experience in the hemp business.

Boothno.: 001 
HESI Plantenvoeding (plant food) is an innovative company that is located in Landgraaf (The Netherlands). All Hesi products are produced and bottled in our own factory, what results in maximum flexibility and market-driven stocking, i.e. always fresh products. The high quality of basic ingredients and valuable bioactive supplements like vitamins and amino acids guarantees for an excellent fertilizer with optimum results.
For every growing medium (soil, hydro and coco), HESI has the appropriate fertilizer. Root Complex as starter / stimulant and Super Vit as bloom booster add to our quality fertilizers, refining taste. Detailed product descriptions and clear growing instructions deliver useful information.
HESI has gained the first price for soil cultivation at the Highlife Grass Cup in 2002, and this year, Hydroland Nijmwegen has taken second place with HESI Hydro Fertilizer.

Check it out! www.hesi.nl

Boothno.: 047
Boothno.: 035

Once again the Republic of Bongland pleases to visit the Federal Republic of Germany. In the midst of the carpet tile sea lays our island of sun which is guarded by a 13m Hurricane bar, which in summa results in this years 100m² insanity. The boothdesign is once more done by the arts-workshop Freistahl and, in combination with the arabesque Sheesha circle of our associate exhibitor from the grow! staff of editors, you can again expect the unexpected. This time we may, amongst others, welcome the Sensatonics from Berlin as our guests which will, along with the Castlebrewery Eggenberg, provide a pleasent flow behind the bar. To resume the well known Bongland ambience of the Connaisseurs Lounge our little island also is illuminated beyond all conventions and last but not least supported by 1.8kW Hi-Fi sound on 2 Ohm.


Boothno.: 037

The Castlebrewery Eggenberg unites centuries-old brewing traditions with passion for the unusual details.
Amongst other highlights such as "Samichlaus" the strongest Lager in the world and representative of the Eggenberg International-Starkbierserie you will encounter >Spirit of Hemp< - against all purity laws.
Being partners and principal supporter for the Republic of Bongland we bring our selected brews to Cologne.
But, since onlinememory is just as patient as ink, you will have to evaluate this testimonys degree of purity on your own at the Hurricane-Bar.


Boothno.: 038

The "tageszeitung" is the only newspaper in Germany that is independent form any company and completely in possesion of its readers.
"tageszeitung" - this means 25 years of frivolity of press for Germany - from now on with additional pages for the region North-Rhein-Westfalia and local reports from the Ruhrgebiet and Cologne.

Boothno.: 009
Vapotrade distributes odour neutralization products from VAPORTEK all over Europe. With these products, "bad" smelling odours can be neutralized. The active agent "Neutrox Gamma" has been patented for years, being used in some branches for odour neutralization purposes. (e.g. in hospitals, industry, etc.) Vaportek has proved its effectiveness and manifold usability over a long period of time. Also for the cultivation of our plants, this product range turns out to be very useful, essentially reducing the odour risk. The plant surrounding air is encapsulated by our active agent, thus not beeing perceivable to the human nose.
Check it out: Product descriptions at www.vapotrade.nl