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The CannaBusiness® Magazine is an excellent reference with long-term effect for traders, clients and visitors of the International CannaBusiness®. Apart from special editorials and information on the fair, the magazine contains:

Spring issue:

– an international company index (in alphabetical order)
– an international hemp branch index (sorted by branches)
– an international web index

Fair issue:

– an exhibitor name and andress list
– a name list sorted by product categories

The CannaBusiness® Magazine is available free of charge for all visitors of the exhibition. Advertisers, sponsors, compa-nies and expert groups can obtain the magazine as subscription at a mail order lump-sum, or as PDF file in the internet.
In recent years, the magazine had been ordered for still a long time after the fair. ´

Use this high grade of attention for your advertising activities!

Next issue in September 2004 Topics amongst others:

– All about 9. CannaBusiness®
– All about 2. Hanfdemo Köln
– All about After Work Specials
– CannaBusiness® Guide

Disposition deadline 6. August 2004
Artwork deadline 12. August 2004
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Dates 2004/2005



Disposition deadline Artwork deadline

2004/2 –Fair issue 2004

6. August 2004 12. August 2004

2005/1 – Spring issue 2005

18. February 2005 25. February 2005

2005/2 – Fair issue 2005

12. August 2005 19. August 2005