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Winners of the CannaBusiness® Product Award 2003

Media Paraphernalia Greenhouse Technology Hemp Products





A-Atlas Filmproduktion
Haschisch - Der Film


Vapir Vaporizer


Joker - The Higher Chill
(37 %)
(37 %)


Hempro International
Hemp Jeans (29%)
Chanvrèe Diffusion
Pure Hemp Essential Oil (29%)




Nachtschatten Verlag
Marihuana Drinnen (26%)


Tandem Dream
Aqua Wizard Hooka (35%)


MR Products


Knaster Hanf (26%)




Hanf Art (22%)


Celtic Bongs
Ice Pipe (28%)


Renus GmbH
AirCooler (8%)
aquaGrow (8%)


Funky Fish
Funky Underwear (16%)

The Winners of recent years:

Winners 2002:

Freak-Inn Basel: Hemp Valley Beer (hemp products)
air-2.com: Vapir Vaporizer (paraphernalia)
GrowTec: Monkey (greenhouse technology)
Collagerie der Fanthasie: Bope (media)

Winners 2001:

Hanf-Zeit: Anti-Streß-Kissen (hemp products)
Vapormed: Vulkan-Inhalator (paraphernalia)
Grow in Berlin: Venture Sunmaster (growing)
UDOPEA: Phyto Inhalation (media)

Winners 2000:

Hanf & Natur: Knabberhanf (hemp products / food & beverage)
dupetit: Cannabis Perfume (hemp products / body care)
Krass Design: Project 1 (paraphernalia)
Grow Tec: Grow Maxx (growing)
Housegrow: "I love it" (media)

Winners 1999:

Hanf & Natur: 1. Deutscher Hanftee (hemp products / food & beverage)
Rumpelstilchen + dupetit Natural Products: SillyBongs (paraphernalia)
Top Grow Systems: Pro Type (growing)

Winners 1998:

dupetit Natural Products: CannaCola (hemp products / food & beverage)
Udopea: Aromizer (paraphernalia)
Dr. Donners Crazy Imports: Hemptest-C (growing)
Hemp Union Ltd.: B 10 Bio Compactor (services)

Winners 1997:

iF Gebrüder Bernhardt: Canalade (hemp products / food & beverage)
Pipe Production: Savorette (paraphernalia)
Pollinator Company: Pollinator (growing)
TreuHanf GmbH: TreuHanf - Aktie (services)

Nowadays, an uncountable number of products made of or with the hemp plant is available on the market. Of course, each product - according to the respective producers and traders - is unique and combines unbeatable advantages.
But: which products are the customers favourites? Since 1997, there is the election for the Product Award on the CannaBusiness®, awarded by the visitors during the public days. Each visitor receives a voting paper with his entrance ticket in order to elect his favourite products in various categories. The products to be elected can be examined both at a special booth in the entrance hall and at the respective exhibitor`s booth.

Being awarded includes the right to use the slogan Winner of the CannaBusiness® Product Award for advertising purposes.