8th International CannaBusinessŇ 2003

Press Release 07.08.03


Not  much time is left till the 8th International CannaBusinessŇ  2003 opens its doors from 12-14 September for exhibitors and (trade) visitors from all over the world. Already now, more than 100 exhibitors from 16 nations have registered – the CannaBusinessŇ  is practically booked up!


This year`s CannaBusinessŇ  promises to become a true innovation offensive: We know that several exhibitors intend to present completely new products exclusively at the 8th International CannaBusinessŇ. And the high percentage of about one third of new exhibitors will surely make for further fair novelties and product innovations. You can expect the market place CannaBusinessŇ  to become even more interesting and worthwhile for  visitors and media representatives this year.


The international supporting programme 2003 will feature more highlights than ever before. For example, we offer you an attractive hemp fashion show (organised by Hanfmode International, Wittenberg, www.hanfmode-international, in cooperation with Hempro International, www.hempro.com), as well as body painting and glass blowing as live performances. Also again the popular walking acts will make people smile, apart from that there will be different live music acts, offering something for every taste, reaching from a special dj set with simultaneous light show to Reggae/Hip Hop performances (Ruffstar Family) and atmospheric didgeridoo sounds. Apart from that, the new comic FAT FREDDY COMIXINE Issue #2” and the film “Haschisch” will be presented. The latter will also be shown parallel to the fair in the cinema “die Kurbel” in Castrop-Rauxel.


In addition to the traditional product award, the innovation contest (introduced last year with great success) will take place again. The valuable price for the 2003 top innovation is donated by the Republic of Bongland, and they also organise the contest. Their glass art piece amazed everybody last year, not only the winner himself. More info at http://www.cannabusiness.info/inno03_e.html.


This year also associations and other institutions, as e.g. the Asscociation for Drug Policy (Verein für Drogenpolitik, VfD) and the German Hemp Asscociation (Deutscher Hanfverband, DHV), will be especially well presented  so that important topics like political and economic lobbying for hemp will not be missed out.


Now online: We have established a special press download site at http://www.cannabusiness.info/presse.html and an info site about the innovation contest 2003 at http://www.cannabusiness.info/inno03.html.


This year the comfortable beergarden will be open again, inviting to rest and enjoy foods and drinks.

And our new well-reputated gastronomy partner Stolzenhoff guarantees fresh delicious foods at affordable prices.



Opening Times:
Friday Sept. 12th: open for visitors from 1°° p.m. till 10°° p.m., b2b meeting from 8°° p.m.
Saturday Sept. 13th: from noon till 8°° p.m. (only trade visitors) and
Sunday Sept. 14th: from 11°° a.m. till 5°° p.m. (only trade visitors), dismantling till 10°° p.m.

Entrance fees:
The entrance fees were generally lowered. Trade visitors/Special dealers: 1 day €15,- (prolongation € 5,- per day) Entrance tickets are available exclusively at the box office. There is no advance booking!

Contact for press information: Jens Wehrmeister, presse@cannabusiness.info, Phone +49 (0) 234 935 79 72, Fax -935 79 75