Press Release 3 days before the CannaBusiness® 2002

+++ 2002-09-24 / Only 3 days to go! +++

Once again, 117 exhibitors from 15 nations will turn the "Europastadt" Castrop-Rauxel into a heavily attended center of the worldwide hemp scene. For the very first time, we gladly welcome exhibitors from Australia, Indonesia, Israel and Sweden in this year. Apart from that, trade visitors from 35 countries will attend the fair. For the first time, the Swedish TV will make a report on the CannaBusiness. The hemp boom in Canada will bring the visitors of the CannaBusiness many new interesting products: Manifold cosmetics made from hemp or the latest greenhouse technologies for example. The internationally well-known hemp journalist Pete Brady will report on the exciting development of the worldwide hemp scene (in English).
Unbroken dynamics: The CannaBusiness team managed to attain 42 new international producers und wholesalers with new products for Castrop-Rauxel. For every visitor, the exhibitors from the categories hemp products, media, greenhouse technology, paraphernalia, herbs/tea and commercial services will certainly have something special in store.
According to the motto "innovation vitalizes the market and promotes diversity!", an innovation competition will be hold for the first time this year, parallel to the well-established product award. Products, commercial services and concepts from the categories paraphernalia, greenhouse technology and hemp products of all kinds are admitted in the competition.
A variegated supporting programme will make the CannaBusiness® an intensive experience for everybody. Live glass blowing will for sure be one of the highlights, but also Didgeridoo Performance and Walking Acts will catch the public`s eye. Not to mention the bodypainting with attractive models, the crackling eroticism of which topped last year`s incredible hot temperatures. On the whole, photographers can once again make use of excellent "hunting grounds" for beautiful snapshots.
On Sunday, the Association of Hemp Business in Europa incorporated society (A.H.EU), the first intersectoral international hemp branch association, introduces itself to the public (

Sunday: Shopping Day!

On Sunday, people can shop to the top of their bent - our shopping day offers the visitors the possibility to copiously enjoy the whole world of hemp products, receiving samples and other advertising gifts. Every Visitor is a winner at the CannaBusiness: You can compare prices and qualities comprehensively, being advised by competent and friendly staff. So there`s a lot of transparency for the customer. The huge selection of different products from all spheres clearly shows: Hemp is Lifestyle!
We`re looking forward to your visit!

Press Release after the CannaBusiness® 2002

+++ 2002-10-18 / Retrospect - 7th International CannaBusiness 2002 +++

The 7th International CannaBusiness® 2002 took place against the background of a conceptional change. Two trade visitor days and only one regular visitor day left - the CannaBusinessâ set new accents and predominantly presented itself as a trade fair for the first time, by demand of many exhibitors. With great success: Three records were scored at the fair! 126 international producers and wholesaler from 16 nations offered a fascinating range of hemp products from all sectors of life, thereof almost 50 new exhibitors that took part in the CannaBusinessâ for the first time - evidence for the unbroken dynamics and attraction of the "mother of all hemp fairs". It was with great pleasure to welcome exhibitors from Indonesia, Israel, Australia an Sweden for the first time. Many thanks to everybody who enriched the CannaBusinessâ 2002 with a stand!
1100 trade visitors from more than 30 nations, e.g. Guadeloupe, Thailand, India, Japan and Croatia, brought about many new business contacts and good turnovers. About 15 % of the trade visitors were retailers who were just about to found resp. open a new business and used the opportunity to stock up on new and already approved products. 2500 visitors attended the shopping day on Sunday and were delighted about low prices and free samples. Almost all exhibitors reported on vivid business contacts and the relaxed, but nevertheless enterprising atmosphere - no wonder that numerous exhibitors already wanted to make their booking for next year.The new concept has clearly stood the test and will be continued next year.
The 2002 fair`s slogan - "Hemp is Lifestyle" - hitted the nail on the head. Visitors and the media could convince themselves at the fair of the fact that hemp products meanwhile have arrived in people`s daily life: For the first time for example, a carpet made from hemp fibres was exhibited by the carpet wholesaler Jan Kath from Bochum (GER). Other novelties were hemp potato chips, hemp ice tea, hemp cuddly toys or hemp animal bedding: The flood of new products does not stop, but persistently makes its way into people`s households. In order to maintain this innovation power on the long term, an innovation contest for hemp products was promoted at the fair for the first time, organized by the Republic of Bongland/GER (in overall charge: Rainer Wokatsch) and supported by Tri Tec GmbH. Nine companies took part with their products and left them up to the assessment of the jury that consisted of seven well-known business men from the hemp branch. "Hydromino", a new smart system for environmentally friendly packaging of soluble fertilizers, took the grand prize (company: Hydropcorp Ltd./ Australia), followed by the "Piece Pipe" from the Swedish company Sector 7G and the biodegradable growing medium "Ecofoam" from the Dutch company of the same name. An also promising product comes from No Mercy Supply and gained place 4 in the contest: "Seed & Clones Soil" was created as a result of a research trip to native hemp vegetation zones in Nepal, its composition corresponds to the native soil formula there.
The well-established product award was organized for the first time by the Association of Hemp Business in Europe incorporated society (A.H.EU incorporated society) and enjoyed vivid participation, more than 30 exhibitors entered products. "Collagerie der Fantasie" hit everyone by surprise with their victory in the category media & communication. Their new freak-brit "Bope" composes poems against the criminalization of Cannabis. The "hemp valley beer" from Freak-Inn Basel (CH) was introduced for the first time at this year`s CannaTrade in Bern. Due to the beer`s excellent taste, Freak-Inn Basel consequently took the victory in the category hemp products. After having presented a prototype of their "Vapir" at last year`s CannaBusinessâ, (USA) now promptly gained the crown in the category paraphernalia with the meanwhile fully developed and available machine. The company GrowTec (Malsch/GER) was very happy about winning the category greenhouse technology with their fully automatic grow-box "Monkey". On Friday the yearly HANF-prize was awarded. It went to the hemp activist Kim from Berlin. She rendered outstanding services to the hemp plant with her campaign "Kim will Kiffen" ("Kim wants to smoke pot").
The programme of the CannaBusinessâ once again had some attractions in store. The impressive live-performance of the "Nightflite" glass-blowers from the Republic of Bongland heavily aroused people`s interest, as of course did the hemp body-painting with two attractive models. An iguana took a seat on one model`s arm all the time, making the erotic performance even animal. This was compatibly accompanied by the ethicly atmospheric sound produced by the didgeridoo players from "Traumkraft". Apart from that, there were spontaneous gigs by a guitar bard and two Dutch ganja rappers. Funny Nick Schumacher performed as "Caretaker Dornbusch" and fooled both visitors and exhibitors.